Lyme Feb 15 7


Driftwood – almost drift camera!

Once I arrived at this spot on the beach, I thought what a great shot this would make. Getting there though was a challenge though. With everyone else camped around the pool on yet another hot day in Rhodes I decided to take the camera for a walk along with the rest of the kit to see what I could find. I headed for the one beach we had not explored & unfortunately was disappointed. Apart from the inevitable water there was zero beach to shoot from & looking back was purely cliff & having walked all the way down the hill & by now getting over heated I decided a paddle was in order over to the next beach.
It looked shallow & flat from where I was stood so I set off with kit well above the water & got over 3/4 of the way through. It was at this point that the walk became a little more interesting. My smooth sand became rocks & my paddle became almost a swim as the water got so deep. With a Canon 5D & a few lenses now well above the head, I promptly fell over. Thankfully both camera & lens were still a couple of inches above the water so I decided to head for the cliff which was starting to reduce in size & here I found my shot. It was the only shot for my walk. I was too darned worn out after that for anymore.


Alternative Tree

As everyone knows this is such a busy time of year & something has to give & unfortunately the photography has had to take a back seat. I have been keeping a close eye on all of the pictures being posted & enjoyed every minute. There are some truly wonderful pictures appearing every day that are really inspirational. After next week I aim to be posting most days again.
I have a new toy to play with. I wanted a smaller flash that I could use as a slave off camera & something to give me that fill in flash on bright days without having to put a big 430 EX on top. Its the one thing that I miss on the 5D – a pop up flash. My new 270EX is small enough to sit permanently on the camera in the bag & will give me instant flash when I need it. Even better than pop up. It does lots of extras as well but I’ll have to study the instruction manual (a real pet hate)

Anyway, you can’t have a post without a picture so here is our alternate Christmas Tree for this year. Made from driftwood, I decided to decorate with a few baubles to liven it up a little. I initially started with just a background of the window but that looked awful so I found a blanket & dialled in the exposure compensation to get it looking white, a few shots later I had a shot I could post. I did say I was busy 🙂

ISO 100, f/6.3, 1.3s, 2ev, 50mm

A trip to the beach

Work is seriously getting in the way of any new photography at the moment so its another delve into the archives.

Having managed to take the dog for a walk & not take the camera, I had to revert to some pictures I took the last time I walked on Brean Down. A cliff top walk to the old Brean Down Fort is an excellent walk & well worth doing.

I caught this shot & just loved the silhouette it produced against the sunset.

This shot, from the top just stood out on the day. The lines in the sand made from the sea water draining out, the great looking sky & the way it lit the hills in the back ground. Needs a little more foreground interest & I’ll plan for this next time I go up.

Nothing much to say on this shot. I just love the shapes from the driftwood & the wonder of where it started its journey.

At this point we were getting silly with the shots. It was small boy & I playing with shadows. Getting the dog to sit long enough to get a shot of the three of us was hard work. I won in the end.!!