The Northern Lights

Having always wanted to visit Norway & see the Northern Lights, we were blessed on this visit.  I’ll be honest & this is the first time that I have ever taken this type of shot & clearly some practice needed & next time, I will definitely have a 1.4 lens to speed up the shots, but I am pleased with what we saw.

Some wonderful memories, thats for sure…


A big tick on the bucket list

I’ve wanted to see the northern lights for a long time & finally achieved the dream late last year.  Blessed with some great weather & clear skies we were treated to what the locals suggested was the best show they had seen for a long time.

My shots didn’t come out the best you will ever see but I have the memories.  My pictures serve as a reminder. 🙂


I’m also getting to grips with Lightroom!!  A recent purchase as Aperture is being updated, I decided it was time for a move.  Big learning curve.  More to follow on this.

Golden Light

Golden light

I have a friends wedding coming up (next week) & I was asked if I could take a few candid shots whilst I was there. I suppose a bit of research is in order for the big day. How is this shot anything to do with wedding practice I hear you ask? 50mm lens at 1.8. Just to make sure I can get some good blurred background images.

If anyone has any advice on best lens to use or anything to ensure I get good shots, I’d love to hear the feedback. This is my first attempt!

Thankfully he hired a pro as well.