Norway 2015 – Flam Waterfall

Flam waterfall

You will have gathered that Norway was last years trip & it was a truly stunning country.  The views at every turn were just amazing.

This particular day we decided to take the famous Flam Railway all the way to the top passing the Kjosfossen Waterfall en route.  The scene was amazing but even better was the fact that the train stops on the way back down for you to actually get out & see it close up.

With the snow melting it made the waterfall even more dramatic & as you can see from this shot you had zero chance of staying dry.  The family took an early shower!!

Flam waterfall 2


Valley of the Butterflies

In my last post I promised a little more detail on the butterflies that were all over the trees in this valley. Well here we are, better late than never…

We visited a place called Petaloudes in Rhodes & here we found this fantastic site that is literally a valley full of butterflies. I have added the link to the sites official website in case you want more information. Click here to view.
It is amazing, there must be millions of these little things swarming the entire valley. Between June & September they settle all over the foliage & when they fly they show their wonderful red wings. You are asked to be quiet so as not to disturb them hence the image that the trees are literally alive. I took loads of pictures & have added them as a gallery tonight instead of the usual one at a time method.

These butterflies are officially called PANAXIA QUADRIPUNCTARIA. They start life in many different places on the island but they appear to have some inbuilt that tells them to come to this place to rest before leaving in mid september to lay eggs for the next year & start the cycle again.

The area is beautiful, a stunning valley that is well worth visiting. Take a look at the photos to see what I mean. There also lizards, although I only saw one. I also captured a few shots of fresh water crabs which I didn’t know existed. I hope you enjoy.