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London sunrise

Slacking again in my posts, but I have been busy. Apart from work, I have been taking plenty of pictures & I will be sharing again soon. This shot was London at sunrise, taken whilst doing the recent London Nightrider challenge.

London sunrise

Nightrider is a 100km ride through London & the other reason for being a little slack on the posts. Training was definitely necessary. A great challenge & it was completed in style – even if I do say so myself.

More to follow soon & I’ll catch up with everyones else’s posts as well. Take care all.

How not to take moon shots

Now, my aim with these pictures was to get the moon nicely reflecting on the sea which I thought would look good. With my sunset pictures, a moving ship didn’t seem to be a problem. I even planned ahead, as I brought the tripod so I could take just this picture. Slower shutter speed due to less light, sat on tripod, no problem.

I forgot the part about the ship moving!! I also failed to swap the lens & stayed with my faithful 24-105 so I didn’t really get a large moon shot either. I suppose I did manage to get the sea smooth which was something but not quite what I was after.

I thought a tungsten setting may help add a little creativity. I actually like the colours, but its still not perfect.

This was sort of what I was aiming for, reflection, but still a long way off real quality.

Time to reach for the manual. Where did I go wrong?

The last Sunset

Well obviously not THE last sunset cause that would mean the end of the world etc and given that I have a shed load of work on, I need the time to get it finished!!
I’m moving onto my moon shots next. This is where I will need all the help & advice I can get so as I can get it right next year.

Sunset at Sea

One ideal thing about cruising holidays is the opportunity to take a sunset at sea. Whilst this was an early sunset shot, I just love the reflection of the sun in the sea. The light looked fantastic. I captured quite a few sunsets this time.

I’m going to post a few of these over the next couple of nights. Then I’ll share a few moon shots as well. I’d love to get some comments on them. Capturing sun at sea appears to work, moon shots at sea, well wait & see. OMG!!!!