Loving Norway

Norway 2018-3

I’m rapidly falling in love with Norway & its fantastic scenery & skys.  This was an early morning shot whilst docked in Tromso.


A big tick on the bucket list

I’ve wanted to see the northern lights for a long time & finally achieved the dream late last year.  Blessed with some great weather & clear skies we were treated to what the locals suggested was the best show they had seen for a long time.

My shots didn’t come out the best you will ever see but I have the memories.  My pictures serve as a reminder. 🙂


I’m also getting to grips with Lightroom!!  A recent purchase as Aperture is being updated, I decided it was time for a move.  Big learning curve.  More to follow on this.

Inside Gibraltar’s Rock

Travelling to Gibraltar is possibly a highlight of the recent trip. A must see sight is the caves within the Rock itself. These pictures show the route into what used to be the old hospital during World War 2, but is now a mini theatre. The sound would be excellent if you were listening to a concert. More shots to follow which show the sheer scale of this place.

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Edinburgh sky line

I had a business trip to Edinburgh last week that had been planned for weeks & had always planned to take the camera & had also planned to use the evening to take pictures in Edinburgh Castle. The one evening that it was closed was the only one that I was there! Typical.
I had to settle for a few skyline photos…

Along the river

Having walked down from the bridge, the views here were fantastic. All of the different colours of the houses & the brightness of the roof tops were excellent. This was quite a walk, so much to see & so many little places to visit once you leave the waters edge. As always I get carried away taking pictures so was instructed to stop & take in the surroundings using the eyes for a change.

The boats in the foreground are called Rabelos. These are flat bottomed boats which used to carry the wine & port to the cellars across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia. Unfortunately not used so much now as the wine is transported by tankers but still, they are a great tourist attraction.